Arabic Genie 5.4


Arabic Genie is an Arabic Word Processor, Arabic Text Importer & Arabic Text Converter. It allows you to use right to left Arabic text on almost all applications, which are not supporting Arabic language normally. These applications are including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, QuarkXpress etc..
Arabic Genie allows using various Arabic font types including popular Unicode fonts and non Unicode AXT fonts. Arabic Genie supports almost all Arabic fonts currently used on Windows & Mac platforms. Arabic Genie can import and convert Arabic documents to use with almost all non-Arabic applications. Windows Arabic documents to use with almost all non Arabic applications.

Arabic Genie also support direct typing & editing in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu and most middle eastern languages within Adobe Illustrator application. Works with any language edition of Adobe Illustrator (CS5 or newer).

Special Middle Eastern edition of Illustrator not required.!

◼ Features
• Works with Standard Unicode Fonts with Arabic characters.
• Imports Microsoft Word format & text format Arabic documents.
• User-friendly in-line keyboard.
• Allows system keyboard layouts.
• Allows mixing of non-Arabic texts with Arabic.
• Supports Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu and most middle eastern languages in Adobe Illustrator
- (Illustrator CS5 or newer versions required)

Is there any Arabic fonts included ?

No, You could use standard fonts pre-installed with Windows and MacOSX. Here are some font faces you could use with Arabic Genie. All of these fonts are pre-installed with MacOSX or Windows.


There are so many Arabic fonts available including free-ware Arabic fonts from Internet. Try searching using 'Free Arabic Fonts' as keyword..

Is it possible to use my old Arabic collection fonts?

Yes. You can use almost all old Windows Arabic fonts including fonts whose names starts with ACS/MCS/FS/AF etc.

Is it possible to import an Arabic document from Microsoft Word Document?

No Problem, You could Import Microsoft Word Document Directly into Arabic Genie. After Import, you could export into any applications using the Export Option.

I have tried the appliction but the exported text shows box shaped junk characters.

It is not an error. You just forgot to change the font which can display Arabic characters. For example, if you exported text as Unicode format for Illustrator. But the default text font in the illustrator may be Helvetica. As you know helvetica can't display Arabic characters, so you need to change the font to an Arabic Unicode font like Geeza Pro or Tahoma in Illustrator.

I don't have an Arabic Keyboard. What to do?

No problem, Arabic Genie have a nice in-line Keyboard Assistant.

How can I purchase

Purchase Securely through our Online store provided by one of the leading & most secure e-shopping provider in the world.

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